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Subcutaneous Needle Set

Cleared by the FDA K202279 and Available for sale in the U.S.

  • Less user interaction/connections = less contamination
  • Tricuspid needle tip = no coring, least pain insertion
    • low memory butterfly = wings will not have tendency to move and push away from skin thus pulling needle out and cause pain (if not used with a dressing)
    • tactile/audible butterfly snap
    • butterfly snap guidance features that ensure a 1-attempt snap guidance and closure = no extra attempts to snap close = no increased needle stick injury opportunity
    • smooth butterfly surface on skin – well placed snap closure features that are imperceptible to the skin = butterfly features does not cause irritation
    • needle guiding channel to ensure needle is received straight and not crooked = user does not attempt to straighten a bent needle = reduce NSI, = drug will be delivered to correct tissue depth = reduce site irritation
  • Flow capacity of a 24G needle in a 26G = faster flows and less site (more appropriate in plain needle set)
  • Easy to grip and maneuver butterfly wings for needle insertion
  • Needle protector designed to reduce dulled needles = less insertion pain
  • Tubing is soft, pliable, feels strong = gives user impression of a secure infusion – tubing won’t snap
  • The Subcutaneous Needle Sets are recommended for generic subcutaneous applications.
  • The Subcutaneous Needle Sets are intended for use with the Insignis Fixed Rate Tubing.
  • Offered in four configurations: Single, Bi-, Tri-, and Quad-furcated sets
  • Offered in four needle lengths: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm