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OneSett™ Subcutaneous Administration Set

The OneSett is a combination of a selectable rate flow dial and a subcutaneous administration set, which includes high accuracy tubing. The OneSett is specifically calibrated for 20% IgG drugs, including Hizentra®, Cuvitru®, and Xembify®.


  • The flow rate on the flow dial indicates the exact flow rate delivered to each subcutaneous needle site.
  • The OneSett™ is accurately calibrated for flow rates up to 50ml/hr/site.
  • There is no need for complicated tables, graphs, computations, or calculators! Regardless of needle configurations, flow rate, and needle size, no calculations are required; the flow rate that appears on the dial is the flow rate delivered to the patient.
  • Training is a breeze – simply set the flow rate by a turn of the dial and begin the infusion.
    Always consult your provider before beginning the infusion and/or adjusting the flow dial.
  • The OneSett™ is offered in one (1) to up to four (4) needle set configurations (6mm, 9mm, 12 mm, and 14mm lengths), which meet the drug manufacturer’s package insert(s) maximum flow rate limits.