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Next Generation Products

With over 100 years of combined experience, we think "outside of the box,” creating unique solutions that benefit patients and stakeholders.

Lorenz Attractor

Our Logo - The Lorenz Attractor

The Lorenz image is a graphical representation of ordinary differential equations first studied by Edward Lorenz. It is notable for having chaotic (non-linear) solutions first used to describe the chaos of weather systems (butterfly effect). Many biological processes are non-linear and chaotic, requiring a different approach to achieve real solutions.


Expertise in Medical Devices

Highly experienced in medical design, FDA submissions, including PMA and 510(k) submissions, and executing supporting studies. Understanding the needs of fluid delivery systems is our specialty.


Andrew Sealfon, CEO

Mr. Andrew Sealfon
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Sealfon is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of IHS. For over 40 years, he has been a successful investor, innovator, and executive in the medical device industry. Prior to investing in IHS, he was the founder, Chairman, and CEO at RMS Medical Products, a publicly traded medical device company specializing in the drug infusion system, which includes syringe drivers, Precision Flow Tubing, High-Flo Subcutaneous Administration Needle Sets, and a Variable Flow controller. Mr. Sealfon’s experience combines engineering (mechanical and electronic), executive management, finance, production (medical device manufacturing), extensive FDA experience filing and supporting the medical device regulatory process, computer and programming experience, marketing, sales, and all aspects inherent to the operation of an entrepreneurial medical device company. As an electrical engineer and inventor, Mr. Sealfon holds numerous United States patents. Mr. Sealfon graduated from Lafayette College and continued his Graduate studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. Prior to funding RMS Medical Products, Mr. Sealfon was employed by the ITT Federal Laboratories Defense Space Group as an aerospace engineer and Technical Staff Member and later as a Member of the Research Staff of the Riverside Research Institute. His engineering and technical expertise prioritize patient quality of life through cutting edge technological advances in the medical device industry.

Dr. Fred Ma

Dr. Fred Ma
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Fred Ma was named the President and Chief Operating Officer of Innovative Health Sciences, LLC on July 5, 2019. As of October 4, 2019, Dr. Fred Ma is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board. Prior to joining IHS, Dr. Ma was the Chief Medical Officer for RMS Medical Products, Innovacyn Inc, GE Healthcare, and worked as an executive in Merck, Johnson & Johnson, where he was responsible for new product research, development, and commercialization. As an executive for two global CRO businesses, Dr. Ma also successfully employed the Product Development Partner business model and provided full CRO services including a wide range of technical, R & D, pre-clinical, clinical, and regulatory services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Throughout these endeavors, Dr. Ma has always delivered successful product development and commercialization results to clients, sponsors, and partners alike. Dr. Ma’s 37-plus year career includes a broad range of experience with significant emphasis on his medical practice as a neurosurgeon, in pharmaceuticals, as an executive (including generics), and in medical device development in multidisciplinary areas (e.g. oncology, CNS, immunology, anti-inflammatory, endocrinology and metabolism, anti-infectious, dermatology, wound healing, anti-adhesion, IVD, vaccines, anti-virus, etc.). Dr. Ma is a results-oriented leader with a successful track record for drug and medical device development and complete commercialization, with emphasis on clinical trials, the regulatory approval process, and business growth. He is a reputable, well-recognized, and respected expert throughout the medical industry, regulatory agencies, and professional organizations in the United States, North America, European Union, South America, Middle East, Japan, China, Asia-Pacific Rim and Australia. Dr. Ma earned his BS/MD from Capital Medical University (Beijing, China), his Doctor of Medical Sciences (D.M.Sc) from University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), and earned his Ph.D. from Rutgers University (Newark, NJ, US).

Leveraging its leaders’ industry knowledge, IHS is a patient-focused, technology-driven home infusion therapy enterprise.